About Next Agents Realty Network

Owned and operated by Yaima Lamela, Next Agents Realty Network is a new kind of real estate referral platform designed to reward the savvy agents of the world with the commissions they deserve. Lamela began her real estate career in 2004, weathering the ups and downs of the market since then. Surviving the Great Recession of 2008, Lamela has amassed experience in short-sale, foreclosures, probate, investment properties, new constructions, and commercial properties.

Also the owner of Prestige Empire Realty, a Next Agents Realty Network affiliate, Yaima’s number one priority is to grow and service the most premier clientele in South Florida today.

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How Do Real Estate Referrals Work?

Here at Next Agents Realty Network, we are not part of the Board of Realtors or the MLS. That means you no not have to be part of the board to be an active referral agent with our company. In this role, you can circumvent the $700-$1,250 annual fee required to be registered with the board, instead benefitting from a similar commission through our online community.

Can Anyone Be a Referral Agent?

The majority of our referral agents run other businesses or live outside the state that were originally licensed in, meaning that anyone can achieve the dream of being a referral agent with our agency. No matter where the agent is located, agents can refer their interest onto our team, receiving the rightful commission.

Park your real estate license, inactive real estate agents, retired real estate agents, real estate referral network, Miami

Why Us?

There are numerous reasons why you should consider a referral partnership with our company today. Among them, the most profound features include:

  • Our 25% commission rate – it’s the best in all of South Florida
  • Your own business cards courtesy of our firm to start
  • We provide support throughout the entire transaction
  • No sales quotas you are required to meet to be part of our team

Our Commitment

We understand that our business would be nothing without the people that comprise our real estate network, which is why our number one commitment is to that of our referral agents today. We work hard to secure the top payout commissions, supporting you with resources and web advertisements that ensure you are able to curate an income that is right for you.

Our Proprietary Process

We take the matched referral provided to our business and follow a 3-part plan to ensure the deal is closed:

  • We match the buyer up with the right broker, who works as a full-time realtor in that community with situational expertise.
  • The broker receiving our business sends us a referral fee once the transaction closes (25% is standard).
  • We then distribute the 25% of the commission to YOU!

New Construction Referrals

For the referral agents that find a client wanting to purchase new construction, they can follow the same proprietary process, except this time, you have the chance to earn more on your referral fee. Most builders pay more than a 3% commission to Real Estate Companies, that means YOU keep 25% referral fee of what the payout commission is.